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I’m Mari Gru (born in 1993 in Ukraine, Kiev) a fine artist living and working in the United Kingdom, Nottingham.

I’m thrilled to share my journey of exploration and self-discovery in the realm of modern style oil painting. Art has always held a special place in my heart, and through the medium of oil paint, I have found a way to express my unique perspective and artistic voice.

From the early stages of my artistic journey, I’ve delved into various styles and subjects, searching for my authentic voice. I’ve experimented with fantasy landscapes, portraiture, and abstract art, each offering its own allure and challenges. However, it was in the exploration of modern realism that everything seemed to click into place.

I want to create art that reflects with yours emotions and feelings. My ultimate goal is to discover an artistic style that harmonizes with your soul, giving you an experience that warms something inside. I want my art to help open and enrich others’ hearts.

Mari Gru

The allure of still-life painting lies in its ability to capture ordinary objects and infuse them with a sense of magic and intrigue. It allows me to delve into the interplay of light and shadow, the delicate balance of colors, and the intricate details often overlooked in our everyday lives. I find immense joy in transforming mundane objects into captivating visual narratives, inviting viewers to see the world through my eyes.

What draws me most to the modern style of still-life is its ability to take the traditional genre and infuse it with a contemporary twist. It liberates me from the constraints of strict realism, enabling me to embrace a more expressive and vibrant approach. I relish in experimenting with digital art techniques, vivid colors, and minimalist compositions that emphasize the object, all of which contribute to the unique aesthetic of my work.

Throughout my artistic journey, I’ve drawn inspiration from a multitude of sources. The works of modern masters like Alpay Efe, Wayne Thiebaud, Janet Fish, and Alai Ganuza have played a significant role in shaping my artistic vision, pushing me to continuously evolve and refine my style. Additionally, the beauty of nature, everyday objects, and the stories and emotions they evoke serve as ongoing inspiration for my work.

As I continue to explore the world of modern style, my goal is to create art that resonates with others and sparks curiosity and wonder. I firmly believe that art has the power to transcend boundaries and forge deep connections between people. It is my hope that through my creations, I can inspire others to appreciate the beauty in the seemingly ordinary and find solace in the rich tapestry of the world around us.

Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey. I invite you to explore my portfolio and experience the magic of modern style still-life through my eyes. Together, let’s embark on a visual adventure that celebrates the beauty of the mundane and the extraordinary.

I create each artwork with love and desire to immerse you in my unique world.

Mari Gru

The Process

To ensure the longevity of my artwork, I prioritize the use of top-quality materials. I employ highly pigmented oil paints known for their vibrant hues, a medium that resists yellowing over time, and opt for wooden canvases. These materials provide a sturdy foundation and enhance the overall durability of the artwork. Once the painting is complete, I pay attention to every detail, including the edges. By painting the edges, I offer the option of hanging the artwork without a frame, allowing it to be appreciated in its entirety. Additionally, I apply a protective varnish that safeguards the colors and preserves the beauty of the painting for years to come.

In the Mari Gru Studio store, you will find an array of delightful paintings and high-quality prints that can adorn your living space and bring joy and magic into your life. Each artwork is a culmination of my creative process, infused with passion, and crafted with meticulous attention to detail. I invite you to explore the collection and find a piece that resonates with your heart and enriches your surroundings.

In the Mari Gru Studio store, you can buy a lovely picture or a print that will decorate the interior and fill your life with joy!

Artist Biography

I’m a full-time artist as well as a Mum to Sophia aged 3. Living and working in Nottingham, UK. I chose oil as my primary medium and work with a brush and airbrush tool on the wooden canvas, using several different techniques.

Born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine. My passion for painting was discovered when I was 4 years old. I liked to spend all my time in art school with my elder sister on her classes. While she was learning there, I had the opportunity to experiment with various materials and paints and teachers allowed me to paint whatever I wanted. At the age of seven, I started officially to learn in art school on my own. There I immersed myself in the study of various classic techniques and artistic principles.

I finished the Art School in 2008 and got a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design in 2013 from the Salvador Dali Art University in Kyiv. Since then, I started to work as a professional artist.

In 2018 my husband, Paul, and I decided to move to the UK. Nottingham has already felt like home. I’ve been loving diving into my paintings all day and night, dedicating my full focus to bettering my craft. And as a mom, I found a lot of new things and feelings that inspired me for new artworks.

The center of my work changes along with my fascinations and life. I’m constantly learning and doing my best to grow. I learn by experimentation, and that’s what makes it so exciting for me, just letting the paint take you somewhere interesting. My inspiration can spark anywhere and from anything. I always feel connected to my work.


  • 2008-2013 — Batchelor’s degree in the architecture of the interior and exterior environment at Salvador Dali Art Institute for decorative modeling and design
  • 2000-2008 — 3rd Kiev art school 


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