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I like to create enchanting worlds which bring you a light breeze, a rustle of foliage, and a murmur of rivers in the way I see and feel them. I create each artwork with excitement and desire to immerse you in magic and experience an exciting journey along the road through a mysterious forest filled with fairy creatures, colourful plants, and unknown events and my original abstract painting style helps me a lot.

I find inspiration in nature. I can’t live a single day without a walk in the forest or a sight of the waterside. I love animals as well, I find them the cutest creatures and receive a lot of joy and from spending time with them.

You can feel all this passion in my artworks, which invite you to walk along the sunny path or fulfill the desire for magic.

I create each artwork with love and desire to immerse you in my unique world of magic

Mari Gru

Mari Gru photo
Mari Gru photo

The Process

Creating a picture is a long process. First, an idea borns and continues to haunt the inquisitive brain of the artist all the time. Then comes a long search for a solution to its transformation into the sketch. At last, the most laborious process of painting a magical landscape on canvas, which includes the selection of colours, creation of volumes and depth, rendering of details. Placing each brushstroke brings joy to me, and I completely give myself to it. Each stage adds a drop of magic to the new world for you.

I use the best materials for work: highly pigmented oil paints, a medium that does not yellow over time and cotton canvases with a stretcher. After completion, I paint the edge, so that makes it possible to hang a picture without a frame, and I cover it with varnish to preserve the colours for many years. We produce image material for prints by scanning the pictures, not capturing it on the photo camera, which provides the maximum definition, and actual colours of the painting to the final printed product.

In my store, you can buy a lovely picture or a print that will decorate the interior and fill your life with joy and magic!

Mari Gru Bio

I work as a professional artist since 2013. I chose oil as my primary medium and work with a brush and palette knife using several different techniques.


  • 2008-2013 — Batchelor’s degree in architecture of interior and exterior environment at Salvador Dali Art Institute for decorative modelling and design
  • 2000-2008 — 3rd Kiev art school 


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