Original Wall Art Paintings

Explore a wide range fine artwork painted with oil medium in unique abstract style

Let your walls do the talking with unique, original paintings for sale direct from the world’s most talented independent painters. Buy oil paintings and mixed-media paintings in every size and style. Buying paintings online has never been easier!

​Why buy paintings on MarGru.Studio?

When you buy an original painting on MariGru.Studio you know that you will be receiving a unique art piece directly from Mari. What’s more, you’ll know that you are supporting Mari, enabling her to further her craft. MariGru.Studio makes buying paintings online easier than ever!

From abstract paintings to beautiful portraits

MariGru.Studio has dozens of paintings available for sale. We have original abstract paintings for sale, impressionistic paintings, realistic paintings and more. On MariGru.Studio you can find oil paintings for sale and mixed media paintings. Discover and buy from a selection of dozens of landscape paintings, portraits and pets. We have perfect paintings for the living room, bedroom, kitchen or even the office.




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