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Here is a capture of my emotions from the recent sea adventure. It’s the modern wall art from my Underwater Collection of contemporary paintings for home decor. The collection consists of eight original paintings made in black, white and blue colours. A whole collection of paintings is inspired by a breathtaking diving experience with the schooling fish in the deep sea of Costa Rica. It is perfect for someone who loves sea life or seascapes and is looking for some eye-catching decoration ideas.

“Seeing this massive fish school was a total thrill. It was so large and dense that when I ventured into the middle myself, they almost completely blocked out the light. The experience was disorienting and magical.”​

Even now, when I am remembering that experience at my studio, I still feel that thrill. And I am eager to share those emotions by providing an original home decor collection. Nothing other than impasto painting technique, contrast colours and bold abstract strokes comes to my mind to emphasize how breathtaking it is to watch after underwater life. With the single stroke of the palette knife, I define the impetuous movement of the sea creature. Those bevelled strokes provide a truly volumetric look and immerse the viewer into the underwater world. I am sure, that this wall art will bring a full spectrum of emotions to your contemporary interior design.


The wall art is made with the finest materials: highly pigmented acrylic paints mixed with the texture paste, a strong medium that keeps the colour over time,  and the finest cotton canvases with a high-quality wood stretcher. Also, I paint the edges, so that makes it possible to hang a picture without a frame. Finally, I cover the wall art with varnish to protect the painting from UV and preserve the colours for centuries.

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